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How long you last doesn't matter, what you do does.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Have you felt that you have made a great effort but the face of your partner says otherwise?

Stay with us and I'll show you how to make this change

¿What should I do first?

Before you start, you should analyze what things you are doing wrong. many times we believe that sex is just penetration. but there is something much further that will make your partner feel more pleased. This is foreplay!

Knowing the areas that your partner finds pleasure will be your advantage, and if you don't know it, we will give you some erogenous zones of the human being.

Nipples is one of them, for both men and women caressing this sona will help you go to the next level. believe me your partner will love it, just be very delicate when doing it.

There are many techniques you can use to last much longer. But that doesn't mean they all work for you.

1. Masturbating before having sex will help delay the effect a bit. ejaculating an hour earlier will help prolong your duration. If you prefer, do it alone, but if there is trust, it will be a very fun foreplay.

2. Don't focus on!

No matter how crazy it seems when you focus on pleasure your mind will make you come sooner. try to think about things different from what you are doing that will make your brain not overstimulate and you will be able to deal a little more.

3. Try cocks cock rings

Penis rings are perfect for delaying ejaculation as they decrease blood flow to the shaft of the penis, which can help maintain a stronger erection.

4. Incorporate toys

When you think you're about to come, stop and take out a toy to continue giving her pleasure. A vibrator can be great for these cases. While you play with your toy and your girl, you will calm down and be able to resume, believe me you will be surprised by the new face of your partner

Remember, the trick is not how long you last but what you do. Pleasing the other person will make you feel satisfied with yourself and your partner will thank you, there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that the person who is by your side fulfills you in all aspects. Do not forget only true love will make you feel complete.

A touch of amour

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