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Pleasure Fingers Of Nymph

Let Nymph seduce you with its gentle touch. The soft moving fingers will run through your skin leaving a trace of stimulating waves that will increase the pleasure one circular movement at a time.

Innocent looks

Nymph was designed with a round head on one end and three flexible fingers on the other one. Its fascinating appearance and those increidible features will give you new ideas on how to please and be pleased.

The round head

Nymph's head is soft and flexible with a vibrating motor that won't let you down. Inside or out the waves of pleasure will hit the spot every-single-time

Smart Design

Both ends have different batteries and vibrating levels. One end will give you strong vibrations that will take you see the stars while the other one will caress you softly, seducing you into an endless delicious experienceThe seductive fingersThe alternate circular movement of those exceptional fingers provide an experience unlike any other. Let them massage your nipples, your clit or let them run freely along your skin Discover new sensation from beginning to end


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